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Photo credits - United States Olympic Committee -- 1928 USA 400 Meter Olympic team wins gold - left to right:  Lead off leg, Frank Wykoff, James Quinn, Charlie Borah, and Hank Russell.
To the right, Sprinter, Hector Dyer passed baton to Frank Wykoff during the 400 meter relay at the 1932 Olympics, and to the left - Wykoff breaks through the tape -- setting a new world record in 40 seconds flat. Photo credit: publisher REEMTSMA CIGARETTENFABRIKEN; Altona-Bahrenfeld - Germany
1936 Berlin:  USA 400 Meter Relay Team wins gold - Left to Right:  Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Foy Draper, and anchor: Frank Wykoff


Frank C. Wykoff
Olympic GOLD Medalist
U. S. A. 400 Meter Relay Team
Track & Field - Olympics
1928 - 1932 - 1936



FrankWykoff.com is the "official" one stop biographical & historical web site information center covering  the track and field athletic achievements of Olympic Champion, Frank Wykoff (Wycoff), who competed against the greatest athletes of his era.  Wykoff, a member of the USA 400 Meter Relay Team earned three gold medals in three consecutive Olympics 1928[lead off leg], 1932 [anchor], & 1936 [anchor]).


Frank Wykoff sets a new world record in the 100 yard dash on May 10, 1930.  He ran the race in 9.4s without starting blocks and his record stood 17 years.

"Dynamite on His Feet!"
Frank Wykoff
World Record Holder
1930 - 1947
100 Yard Dash 9.4s

Without Starting Blocks

World Record holder 1930 - 1947 in the 100 yard dash, Frank C. Wykoff of Glendale, California ran with and against the greatest United States sprinters of the 1928-36 era including: Charles Borah; Claude Bracey; Foy Draper; Hector Dyer; Nate George, Robert Kiesel; Roland Locke; Frank Lombardi; Bob McAllister; Ralph Metcalfe; Jesse Owens; Charley Paddock; James Quinn; Henry Russell; George Simpson; Eddie Tolan; Emmett Toppino; Percy Williams (Canada),  and   many others.





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